In order to increase the life of your compact refrigerator, proper care and maintenance is a must. Here are a few maintenance tips to pay attention to: 1) Remove perished goods. One of the ways to organize your fridge is to use see-through containers. You can also try labeling your food. Indicate the date of preparation so you will know if it has already perished or not. That way, you can easily throw out the things you no longer need. 2) To clean it, remove the contents. Wash shelves and other removable parts in warm, soapy water; rinse and dry. Wash interior with baking soda solution (3 Tablespoons to 1 Liter of water) or warm, soapy water; rinse and dry. Make sure you remove crusty stains as they can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Ice and frost layers increase energy consumption, so defrost and clean the appliance as soon as the layer is 1/8 of an inch thick. 3) Cut one lemon into wedges and place the wedges toward the back of the fridge. This will help neutralize unwanted odor inside. 4) Clean the coils of the machine. Use a small vacuum cleaner attachment to get rid of the accumulated dirt and dust particles. This will ensure that the machine will exhaust hot air effectively.